I Love Light.

I love light. My content must be clear and in balance to tell a story. I love the details. It’s important to me that the image reflects reality , looks natural and not staged. My work is about the identity of society and the identity of the individual.
With this approach, I feel explorer, researcher, anthropologist, artist and last but not least a passionate photographer.


‘Mané Hello’

During the summer of 2018 I went to France to visit friends who live there.

Those friends bought a small hamlet called ‘Mané Hello’. Mané Hello is only a dead end road, trees, two houses, two stables and a shed. When you go inside you will see a pile of junk, old cabinets, chairs, a bed with dirty sheets covered with the shit of many cats. The floor is covered with cat food, old newspapers, photos, tin cans and to many dirt to handle.
This main building has an attic, but no-one seems to know how to get there. There seems to be no entrance and they told us this attic was closed many years ago. After a while we discovered a higher grass plateau at the back of this house.
It was almost impossible to get there because of the 2 meter high blackberry bush all around it.
But I kept trying and finally reached a small door what was very difficult to see.
I tried to open it, but it was jammed and locked. I opened the door with force, so I was able to see what was inside.
I entered a world where time stood still for many years.
I took this photo while standing in the door opening, so nothing was touched and still is like it was before.
It felt like Mr and Mrs Mané Hello where there all the time waiting for the one to discover there world.
lucky for me I had the honor to find them