One day I was asked to make a portrait of a place where someone died by a traffic accident I thought about it for a while and I did. I took photo’s of the landscape, the monument the family and friends created and gave the photo’s to the family. just a few days later I received a postcard written by the parents from the boy who died there. they wrote me how impressed they were by my photos and how thankful they were.

They probably never realized how there message triggered me and how that resulted in the documentary that is now world wide.

I is a documentary about the landscape. About visual and unseen scars. silent marks that remember the tragic things that happend and the monuments that keep it alive.
It is still growing for almost 20 years now.

many photo festivals and publications shown these pictures.
I’ve won a GOLD – DOCUMENTARY AWARD in 2009 with this serie.

I don’t know how many photo’s I have right now, but it is across the globe.

– Netherlands
– Ireland
– Greece
– Spain
– Germany
– France
– Iceland
– South Africa
– Suriname
– Mexico
– Kyrgistan