I love light. Without it there is no image to be shot. My content must be clear and in balance. I believe when the shots are structured and balanced it is better way off storytelling. I love the details. It is all about the details and they are so important in the work.

It’s important to me that the image refers to reality and therefore would bear the potency of truth in itself . The image or film I make should look natural and not staged. Creating an illusion of reality, the viewer takes work as they perceive reality and she can see the result as truth. With the created truth I hope to touch the viewer, so that they think about the story. Thinking about our society and the role we play as individuals in it.

The work highlights the individual from our society. People and places, landscapes with people. People in their environment, identity. My work is about the identity of society and the identity of the individual.

By this approach, I feel explorer, researcher, anthropologist, artist and eventually a passionated photographer.